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FA 20 SANIC SX 5 microns - Sediment wrap filter cartridge Antimicrobial

The SANIC water filter with antimicrobial protection Microban ® exert a continuous effect against the spread of bacteria and algae throughout their entire lifespan.

With SANIC® is the drinking water pure and safe, even when using depth filters; The efficiency of the fine filtering is guaranteed and the lifespan of the filters is significantly extended compared to normal commercially available filters.

At the filter cartridge FA SANIC® This is done by winding the cord, which distributes the active ingredient to each individual winding, so that the exposure area of ​​the active ingredient is as large as possible and each individual filter pore has an effective antibacterial treatment. This reduces the possibility for the microorganisms to escape contact with the bactericidal active ingredient to a minimum.

Use: The Microban technology is not designed to purify the water, but to prevent the growth of bacteria on the container and cartridge. These bacteria can affect the duration and performance of the filter.

20 inch filter dimensions:
Length: 505 mm Width: 61 mm Head opening: 28 mm
Max. temperature: up to 45 CC
Lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on the water quality and flow rate)

Max. flow rate at approx. 3 bar / 3000 l/h

You will receive a filter cartridge packed in a box.