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PUR Booster 5 Stufen 600 GPD Direct flow Osmoseanlage + ERSATZFILTERSET
PUR Booster 5 Stufen 600 GPD Direct flow Osmoseanlage + ERSATZFILTERSET Front
PUR Booster 5 Stufen Osmoseanlage Ersatzfilterset
PUR Booster 5 Stufen 600 GPD Direct flow Osmoseanlage Wasserhahn
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PUR Booster 5 Stage 600 GPD Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis System + REPLACEMENT FILTER SET - TANKLESS -


Reverse osmosis system with new controller including TDS measurement!

With LED computer control, production of up to 2300 liters per day

For absolutely P U R E water!

Experience a completely new taste experience following the example of nature!

The purway reverse osmosis system is ideal for every household, determine the quality of your water yourself. You have it in your hands and do not have to rely on whether flawless drinking water comes from your water line at all times. With the purway reverse osmosis system, you achieve a completely new taste experience.

Tankless reverse osmosis systems are much safer for health reasons than systems with a storage tank. Germs and bacteria can form in the storage tank!
In reverse osmosis systems, the water is pushed through a multi-layer membrane, here the water molecules are separated from the pollutants and impurities. The pollutants and impurities are discharged into the wastewater, resulting in the purest mineral-free and pollutant-free drinking water (permeate).

The advantages of the PUR Booster 5 Stage 600 GPD tankless reverse osmosis system with LED computer control

  • New controller with TDS display
  • Much lower wastewater costs due to the new booster technology.
  • Pure water capacity: approx. 1.6 liters/min.
  • Clean water performance approx. 2300 liters per day.
  • Ratio of reverse osmosis to wastewater: max. 1 to 1 (depending on water quality and temperature)
  • The technical advancement of the Booster GPD 600: save wastewater compared to conventional reverse osmosis systems.
  • with manual and automatic flushing function
  • Very powerful booster pump 600 GPD.
  • This system does not require a storage tank and is therefore extremely space-saving.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Best price-quality ratio in Europe
  • Water top valve for more safety

To filter pollutants such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, sodium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, phosphates, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, nitrites, radioactive substances, bacteria, viruses, dioxins, organic substances, chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, residues of medications, as well as fine sediments.

The delivery includes:

Reverse osmosis system 600 GPD
- LED computer control
- Pump 600 GPD
- Magnetic valve system
- Connection fitting 1/2" + 3/8"
- Water drain connection
- Modern reverse osmosis water tap with ceramic seal
- Water stop valve with two tablets


Complete filter set:

  • 1st stage: Sediment Filter 10 Micron
  • 2nd stage: Activated Carbon Granule Filter
  • 3rd stage: Sediment Filter 1 Micron
  • 4th stage: 600 GPD High Performance Membrane (not pre-installed)
  • 5th stage: Inline Activated Carbon Postfilter T33 for reverse osmosis systems with 1/4" female thread

Filter change intervals as recommendation:

  • 1st - 3rd stage: Change pre-filter every 6 months
  • 4th stage: Change 600 GPD membrane every 1-2 years
  • 5th stage: Change Inline Activated Carbon Postfilter T33 every 6 months