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Osmosis filter set of 4 10-PLAX-1-T33 2 x "melt blown polypropylene sediment filter membrane, 1 x activated carbon granulate filter and 1 x inline activated carbon post filterr

Osmosis filter set of 4 with 10-PLA-1 micron - 2 x sediment cartridges made of polypropylene fleece, 1 x PLAX activated carbon granulate filter for the 1st to 3rd level as well 1 x inline activated carbon post filter for the 5th stage of a reverse osmosis system

The Polypropylene cartridges (1st and 3rd stages) are characterized by an excellent ability to absorb contaminants. Their structure is similar to the consistency of a sponge, whose surface has a particularly high number of open micropores.

They are ideal for Filtration of sand, mud, rust particles as well as others contained in tap water mechanical contamination.

Special features:
- Removal of mechanical contaminants (rust, sand, mud and other sediments)
- Excellent filtration results with low pressure loss

The filters clean the water to a crystal clear 10 or 1 micron.

Filter dimensions: Dimensions: 9 7/8 x 2 1/2 inches

The Activated carbon granulate filter PLAX (2nd stage) consists of coconut shells and filters pollutants from the water such as chlorine, organic pollutants, light hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, oils and flavors, taste impairments, odor impairments, fine particles (rust, lime flakes, sand, scales) and suspended matter .

10 inch filter dimensions:

Length: 248mm

Width: 70mm

Head opening: 26mm

The Inline post filter T33 GAC consists of pressed activated carbon and, as the final stage in an osmosis system, improves the taste and odor impairments in drinking water.

Filter dimensions: Inline 2'' x 10" inches

The cartridge has 1/4" inch threaded connections on both sides.

Maximum temperature: 45 degrees Celsius

Lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on the water quality and flow rate)

You will receive four filters packed in a box.