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5 x ANTIKALK 10 - water filter cartridge limescale filter

The series ANTI-LIME 10 contains one Filtration medium (fine-grained ion-exchanging granules) , which exchanges calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions. The cartridge contains these water softening granules.

Hard water causes Limescale deposits on the heating elements of kettles and heating pipes . It accelerates the wear and tear of household appliances (e.g. washing machines and dishwashers), which in turn leads to increased energy consumption of these machines.

Hard water reduces the foaming of soap and other cleaning products, thus reducing their effectiveness and increasing consumption and costs. Textiles washed in hard water are stiff, colorless and rough.

The cartridges are for them Treatment of cold drinking and industrial water determined, equipped with a final filtration stage that prevents the filtration granules from escaping.

The cartridges should not be used with microbiologically contaminated water or with water of unknown origin.

Special features:

- Eliminates limescale deposits in household appliances (washing machines and dishwashers)
- Increases the yield of the detergent used by up to 30%
- Soft water does not leave limescale stains on cutlery and glasses
- Removal of mechanical contamination (rust, sand, mud and other sediments)

10" filter size:

Dimensions: 9 7/8" inches x 2 1/2 inches
Maximum temperature: up to 45 CC
Lifespan: approx. 6 months or 2,000 l (depending on the water quality and flow rate) with medium water hardness up to max. 14 dH!

You will receive five filters packed in a box