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ScaleArmor™ BLUES - Anti Scale Filter System

Prevents scale formation, reduces deposits, protects against corrosion, retains sediments: ScaleArmor™ BLUES is the perfect solution for tap water.

ScaleArmor™ BLUES is the system that prevents the formation of scale deposits and protects pipes and surfaces. The special cartridge included in the system not only has an anti-scale function, but also retains fine sediments with a filtration grade of 5 microns.

A clean system and scale- and sediment-free water mean cleaner surfaces, better functioning and longer-lasting household appliances, and lower energy consumption.

The unique dual action of the BLUES system is ensured by the cartridge it contains: CPP ScaleArmor is a meltblown polypropylene filter cartridge filled with the unique ScaleArmor anti-scale material. The two materials have a dual effect: they reduce deposits and prevent scale formation.

How ScaleArmor™ works

The unique ScaleArmor™ material prevents the formation of scale deposits by inhibiting one or more of the processes that cause the proliferation of scale. ScaleArmor blocks the growth of calcium and magnesium carbonate crystals, helping to keep pipes and surfaces cleaner and reduce corrosion. The ScaleArmor™ BLUES system guarantees extended anti-scale action for up to 6 months.

The effectiveness and durability of the ScaleArmor™ product line material is the result of a special production process. This process allows the gradual dissolution of the material, ensuring a consistently reliable effect.

ScaleArmor™ BLUES: environmentally friendly

Installing ScaleArmor™ BLUES leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption, as scale-free household appliances and systems operate more efficiently.

Removing sediments enhances the benefits of scale removal, making ScaleArmor™ BLUES an indispensable system.



Installing ScaleArmor™ BLUES for home water treatment against scale brings numerous benefits.

Scale is the visible enemy of any surface that comes into contact with water. Veils, stains, deposits, malfunctions: scale leaves its mark. The special material of the ScaleArmor™ systems eliminates all effects of scale deposits, ensuring more efficient systems, a clean home, and perfectly functioning devices.

  • Scale-free water for home with less effort: surfaces stay cleaner longer and veils are removed with a single wipe.
  • Softer clothing from washing machines, shiny dishes from dishwashers
  • Pipes are free of scale deposits.
  • Less malfunctions in coffee machines, kettles, etc. and sudden failures due to scale deposits.
  • Lower energy consumption: This saves money and is sustainable!

Filter cartridge lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on water quality and flow rate)

You will receive a 10" inch filter housing with filter cartridge in connection size: 3/4" brass female thread, including housing key and wall bracket.