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CPP 10 ScaleArmor™ - Anti Scale Filter Cartridge

Prevents scale formation, reduces deposits, protects against corrosion, and retains sediments: CPP ScaleArmor™ is the perfect solution for tap water.

CPP 10-inch cartridge ScaleArmor™ is the cartridge of the ScaleArmor™ Blues system and perfectly fulfills the dual task of preventing scale deposits and removing sediments with a filtration grade of 5 microns. The effectiveness is ensured by the structure and materials of the cartridge: a meltblown filter septum made of polypropylene and a core filled with the unique ScaleArmor™ anti-scale material.

How ScaleArmor™ Works

The exclusive certified material in the CPP ScaleArmor™ cartridge prevents the formation of scale: it blocks the growth of calcium and magnesium carbonate crystals, helping to keep pipes and surfaces cleaner and reduce corrosion.

The material contained in the ScaleArmor™ product line is so effective and durable because it slowly dissolves due to a special manufacturing process, achieving a consistently safe and constant effect.


Installing ScaleArmor™ for water treatment for domestic use against scale brings numerous benefits.

Scale is the visible enemy of any surface that comes into contact with water. Streaks, stains, deposits, malfunctions: scale leaves its mark. The special material of the ScaleArmor™ systems eliminates all effects of scale deposits, ensuring more efficient systems, a clean home, and perfectly functioning devices.

  • Scale-free water for home with less effort: surfaces stay cleaner longer and streaks are removed with a single wipe.
  • Softer clothes from washing machines, shiny dishes from dishwashers
  • Pipes are free of scale deposits.
  • Less disruptions to coffee machines, kettles, etc., and sudden failures due to scale deposits.
  • Lower energy consumption: saves money and is sustainable!

10” Inch Filter Cartridge

Maximum Temperature: 45 degrees Celsius

Lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on water quality and flow rate)

You will receive a filter cartridge packed in a box.