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List Description

HYDRA MINI PM 1/2 RLH 50 mcr OT with self-cleaning backwash filter with plastic filter cartridge

Compact backwash filter for filtration and treatment of drinking water, household water, etc.

Innovative backwash system with spring-loaded filter cartridge. When the flushing valve is opened, the cartridge is pulled down by the pressure drop, thus cleaning the inside as well. A minimum pressure of 1.6 bar is necessary to ensure backwashing.

Includes hose nozzle and drain funnel with backflow prevention according to UNI EN 1717-11/2002

Technical Data

Suitable for drinking water applications
Connection size: 1/2" female thread
Dimensions: 272 x 103 x 84 mm (HxWxD)
Operating pressure: 1.6 - 8.3 bar
Temperature range: 4 - 45 °C
Recommended maximum flow rate: 4000 l/h

Material Selection

Housing head: reinforced polypropylene
Housing cup: PET
O-ring: EPDM
Vent valve: stainless steel, EPDM
Connection thread: CW 617 N brass
Ball valve: CW 617 N brass nickel-plated, reinforced polypropylene
Drain funnel/hose nozzle: reinforced polypropylene

You will receive a HYDRA backwash filter complete with filter cartridge, drain set, wall bracket, and housing key.