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HYDRA Rainmaster Trio RLH LA 1" - Rainwater Filter | Cistern Filter

Triple filter housing with one-piece head

Innovative backwash system with spring-loaded filter cartridge. When the flush valve is opened, the cartridge is pulled down by the pressure drop, cleaning the inside as well. A minimum pressure of 1.8 bar is necessary to ensure backwashing.

Includes hose nozzle and drain funnel with backflow prevention according to UNI EN 1717-11/2002

3-stage cistern filter system for filtering cistern water and rainwater, removing pollutants and fine particles from the water.

This is achieved through the Self-Cleaning/Backwash pre-filter with 90 microns and water treatment with a 25 micron LA CARBON cartridge.

The LA Carbon activated carbon filter removes pollutants from the water such as chlorine, organic pollutants, light hydrocarbons, solvents, pesticides, insecticides, oils and flavors, taste impairments, odor impairments, fine particles (rust, lime flakes, sand, scales) and suspended matter.

The filter cleans the water at 25 microns.

Use, Scope, Dimensions:

The 3-stage water treatment system is designed to be very space-saving and easy to install.

The HYDRA Rainmaster TRIO water filter has a drain funnel/backflow prevention to protect the drinking water supply.

The water filter can produce clear water and enables the use of well water in households.

It is used for the filtration and treatment of drinking water, well water, household water, wastewater, and serves to protect fittings, boilers, pumps, water tanks, washing machines, and other technical systems as well as pipelines.

Max. flow rate at approx. 3 bar pressure / 4500l/h.

Filter dimensions:
Height 390 mm Width 336 mm Depth 107 mm

IN / OUT connection made of brass in 1" inch:
Maximum pressure: 8.0 bar
Minimum pressure: 1.8 bar
Maximum temperature: 45 °C

The individual filtration stages:

1 x RLH - Prefiltration cartridge (Item No. 8021647070418)
Self-cleaning pre-filtration cartridge RLH with plastic mesh 90 MIC, filters sand and other particles larger than 90 microns.
Lifespan: approx. 12-24 months

1 x FA Filtration cartridge 25 microns (Item No. 4260303250120)
filters fine particles (sand, rust, flakes)
Lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on water quality and flow rate)

1 x LA - CARBON Coconut Shell Cartridge: (Item No.: 4260303250298)
The granular activated carbon filter made from coconut shells filters pollutants from the water,
such as chlorine, organic pollutants, pesticides, taste impairments, odor impairments.

The filter system is brand new, with filter housing, a housing key, a wall bracket, screws, and filter cartridges.