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K-matic - time-controlled valve for hydra filters
K-matic - time-controlled valve for hydra filters
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K-Matic is a timed valve for filter cleaning of the Hydra series and DP S Mono series, so functions cleaning is automated.

Optimize filter cleaning to improve your water quality.

It allows programming the cleaning intervals and the duration of each individual flush to ensure optimal operation of the entire system.


How does K-Matic work?

K-Matic is simple and compact and must be connected to the filter cup drain using the included brass swivel.

The K-Matic valve features an intuitive, easily programmable and easy to read settings menu. It does not require electricity: a simple 9V battery is enough for the valve to work and do the job for you.

The safety stop function allows the valve to close in the event of a low battery, and the manual flush function can help when excessive contamination requires additional cleaning.


What time interval should K-matic be set to?

The frequency of self-cleaning must be determined according to the quality of the source water, the type of pollution and your own needs.

Water with a lot of impurities requires more frequent and longer cleaning, conversely, less contaminated water requires less frequent and shorter cleaning.

In automatic mode, the intervals between two valve openings and the duration of each individual opening can be programmed with the following options:

Interval settings - 12h, 24h, 7, 15, 30 days

Duration of cleaning - 10 or 20 seconds

Each opening of the valve is followed by a second opening with a fixed duration of 3 seconds, which increases the effectiveness of the flushing.


K-Matic: Is compatible with which products??

It is compatible with all Hydra series products including Rainmaster, Ironmaster, DS S models, (except Hydra BIG and Hydra Hot series products)  compatible.

This solenoid valve can also be combined with all filters equipped with an outlet with 1/2" BSPP M thread connection.

You will receive a valve with connection packed in a box. (9V battery not included)