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PUR Connect 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis System - WiFi WLAN - App - TANKLESS-

High-End Reverse Osmosis System for Countertop or Undercounter Installation

CONNECTED - Stay Connected with Your Water Filter via App

With the free app, you can easily integrate the PUR Connect 600 into your Smart Home. The connection is made via WiFi WLAN. Through your smartphone or tablet, you can access all important information about water quality and the status of your system. When it's time to change the filter, you can find the right replacement filter with just one click.
Ordering your filters has never been easier!

A MATTER OF TASTE - with Certainty

The purway reverse osmosis system is ideal for any household, allowing you to determine the quality of your water. You are in control and do not have to rely on whether clean drinking water is actually coming from your water line at all times. With the purway reverse osmosis system, you achieve a completely new taste experience inspired by nature.

In reverse osmosis systems, water is pushed through a multi-layer membrane, where water molecules are separated from pollutants and impurities. The pollutants and impurities are directed into the wastewater, resulting in the purest, mineral-free, and pollutant-free drinking water (permeate).

Tankless reverse osmosis systems are much safer for health reasons than systems with a storage tank. In a system with a storage tank, germs and bacteria can develop after a short time!

The integrated automatic membrane flushing of the tankless PUR Connect 600 helps keep the system clean during longer periods of inactivity and production.

DESIGN - Rethought

Intentionally polarizing with its innovative design, the PUR Connect 600 does not want to be just another bulky box in standard white, but rather make a statement.

High-quality workmanship is as natural as ergonomic functionality. The reduction to the essentials and the use of a composite filter make operation and filter replacement more convenient than ever.

Due to its very compact design, the PUR Connect 600 not only fits in any cabinet but also looks excellent on the countertop - the choice is yours.


With the PUR Connect 600 GPD, you can finally drink tap water without worry, thus sustainably protecting the environment and your family. Directly drawing pure drinking water from the tap saves an average of up to 1,400 water bottles per year - resulting in savings of up to 400 EUR per family!

The advantages of the PUR Connect 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis System:

  • WiFi WLAN App: Display of produced osmosis water, input PPM, output PPM, filter consumption, membrane performance, ordering new filters.
  • Much lower wastewater costs due to the new booster technology
  • Pure water capacity: up to 1.5 liters/minute
  • Osmosis to wastewater ratio: max. 1 to 1 (depending on water quality)
  • LED filter change indicator on the housing and in the app
  • This system requires no storage tank and is therefore extremely space-saving
  • With automatic and manual flushing function
  • Low energy consumption
  • Aqua Stop: Filter change without water leakage
  • Improved Quick-Change Filter System
  • Tankless system

The innovative Quick-Change Filter System ensures the easiest and most uncomplicated cartridge change ever without water leakage. There is no longer a need to unscrew the housing cup using a housing key.

Indicators on the front of the system show the status of the filter cartridges. This way, you are always perfectly informed about the condition of the system and your filtered water.

To filter out pollutants such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, sodium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, phosphates, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, nitrites, radioactive substances, bacteria, viruses, dioxins, organic substances, chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, drug residues, as well as fine sediments.

The delivery includes:

- PUR Connect 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
- Quick-Change Filter System
- Quick clamp for wastewater
- Connection fitting 1/2" + 3/8"
- Water discharge connection
- Modern stainless steel faucet
- 3/8 inch inlet hose 2.5 m
- 1/4 inch wastewater line - 3m osmosis water line (delivered in one piece)
- Angle for wall mounting of the faucet including dowels and screws
- CE certified power supply

Complete filter set:

  • 1st+2nd+4th Stage: PC-C Composite Filter 5 µm “melt blown” Polypropylene Sediment Filter CTO Carbon Block Cartridge Activated Carbon Block
  • 3rd Stage: 600 GPD High-Performance Membrane

Filter Change Intervals as Recommendation:

  • 1st+2nd+4th Stage: Replace Composite Filter PC-C every 6 months (EAN 4260303255217)
  • 3rd Stage: Replace 600 GPD Membrane every 1-2 years (EAN 4260303255224)