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PUR onTop Auftisch Osmoseanlage + Ersatzfilterset
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The best compact mobile countertop reverse osmosis system - No water connection needed!

Including heating function 15°C - 100°C in 6 stages

The high-end reverse osmosis system does not require a fixed water connection!

We deliver the PUR onTop complete with all filters and the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis system can be put into operation immediately.

Unpack, fill tap water into the tank, turn it on, and enjoy pure reverse osmosis water - No installation necessary.

Simply place the PUR onTop reverse osmosis system on your kitchen countertop, the system draws water from an integrated water tank.

The purway reverse osmosis system is ideal for any household, allowing you to determine the quality of your water.

99.9% of contaminants are removed from drinking water, such as aluminum, bacteria, calcium, chloride, fluoride, hormones, bicarbonate, lime, potassium, silicic acid, magnesium, manganese, iron, sodium, nitrate, PFAS, phosphate, mercury, sulfate, sulfite, as well as fine sediments.

Large touchscreen:

The PUR onTop features a modern touchscreen for easy operation. You can choose from 6 different temperature levels directly on the touch display:

At room temperature of 15-22°C:

45°C for baby food

55°C for milk with honey

80°C for directly drinkable tea (child lock)

90°C and 100°C for coffee, tea, or instant products

Additionally, the touchscreen indicates the filter change, allowing you to easily read the water quality in ppm and the water temperature.

The touchscreen also controls water extraction and indicates when the fresh water tank is empty and the wastewater tank needs to be emptied.

Boiling water in 3 seconds:

The drinking water is heated in 3 seconds by the integrated water heater, allowing you to enjoy your beverages immediately.

With the PUR onTop reverse osmosis system, you can finally drink your tap water without worries, thus sustainably protecting the environment and your family. Directly extracting pure drinking water through the faucet saves on average the purchase of up to 1,400 water bottles per year - saving up to 400 EUR per family!

PUR onTop - HIGH-END - Filter system:

PAC pre-filter composite filter PP+activated carbon

Sediment filter: This PP pre-filter is used to remove dirt, rust particles, sand, and other larger impurities from the water. They consist of a porous polypropylene surface that retains particles from 5 microns while water flows through the filter. Sediment filters are particularly useful in preventing damage to the reverse osmosis system and subsequent water filters.

Activated carbon filter: The filter utilizes the adsorbing properties of carbon block to remove various impurities from the water. Activated carbon has a porous structure that provides a large surface area where impurities can adhere. This filter type is particularly effective in removing chlorine, organic chemicals, heavy metals, and unpleasant odors and flavors from the water. This is a 2-in-1 sediment and activated carbon filter (PAC).

Usage period 6 months
The usage period depends on several factors such as water quality, usage behavior, etc.

Operating pressure: 4-8 bar
Filtration capacity: 3 l/min
Filtration fineness: 5 μm

CF post-filter activated carbon block post-filter

The post-filter or final filter supports the previous filtration stages. After the water has passed through the reverse osmosis membrane, a granular activated carbon filter is used to remove any remaining organic compounds, chlorine, and unpleasant odors and flavors. The activated carbon post-filters are very effective in adsorbing organic impurities and significantly improving the taste of the filtered water.

Usage period 6 months
The usage period depends on several factors such as water quality, usage behavior, etc.

Operating pressure: 1-4 bar
Filtration capacity: 1.5 l/min

The advantages of PUR onTop:

  • No installation required!
  • Beautiful compact timeless design
  • MOBILE: Take it on vacation, camping, boat, office - save the need for a separate kettle.
  • With heating function up to 100°C selectable in 6 stages
  • Low energy consumption
  • Touchscreen reminds you in time to change the filter
  • Innovative Quick-Change filter system
  • More than 50,000 reverse osmosis systems have already been sold and have won multiple awards!

The pre-filter and post-filter should be changed approximately every 6 months. The membrane every 1-2 years (depending on the intensity of use).

The delivery includes:

  • PUR onTop High-End reverse osmosis system
  • 1x Quick-Change reverse osmosis membrane
  • 2x Quick-Change PAC pre-filter composite filter PP+activated carbon
  • 2x Quick-Change CF post-filter activated carbon block post-filter
  • Operating and maintenance manual