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PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Umkehrosmoseanlage
PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Osmoseanlage
PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Umkehrosmoseanlage OPEN
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PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Direct flow Reverse Osmosis System - TANKLESS - High-End

For absolutely P U R E water!

Experience a completely new taste experience following nature's example!

The purway reverse osmosis system is ideal for every household, allowing you to determine the quality of your water. You have control and do not have to rely on whether flawless drinking water is coming from your water line at all times. With the purway reverse osmosis system, you achieve a completely new taste experience.

Tankless reverse osmosis systems are much safer for health reasons than systems with a storage tank. Germs and bacteria can form in the storage tank!

The advantages of the PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

  • Significantly lower wastewater costs due to the new booster technology
  • Pure water capacity: approx. 1.5 liters/minute
  • Ratio of osmosis to wastewater: max. 1 to 1 (depending on water quality)
  • LED filter change indicator
  • This system requires no storage tank and is therefore extremely space-saving
  • With automatic and manual flushing function
  • Low energy consumption
  • Best price-quality ratio in Europe
  • Innovative Quick-Change Filter System

In reverse osmosis systems, water is pushed through a multi-layer membrane, where water molecules are separated from pollutants and impurities. The pollutants and impurities are discharged into the wastewater, resulting in the purest, mineral-free and pollutant-free drinking water (permeate).

Innovative Quick-Change Filter System for the easiest and most uncomplicated cartridge change ever. There is no longer any need to unscrew the housing cup using a housing key.

On the front of the system are indicators for the condition of the filter cartridges. This way, you are always perfectly informed about the condition of the system and your filtered water.

For the filtration of pollutants such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, sodium, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, phosphates, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, nitrites, radioactive substances, bacteria, viruses, dioxins, organic substances, chlorine, pesticides, insecticides, medication residues, as well as fine sediments.

The delivery includes:

- PUR PREMIUM TOP 600 GPD Reverse Osmosis System
- Quick-Change Filter System
- Connection faucet 1/2" + 3/8"
- Water drain connection
- Modern faucet with ceramic seal

Complete filter set:

  • 1st and 3rd stage: HPCC 5 µm “melt blown” Polypropylene Sediment Filter CTO Carbon Block Cartridge Activated Carbon Block
  • 2nd stage: 600 GPD High-Performance Membrane

Filter change intervals as a recommendation:

  • 1st and 3rd stage: HPCC pre-filter change every 6 months (EAN 4260303255019)
  • 2nd stage: 600 GPD membrane change every 1-2 years (EAN 4260303255026)