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PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set - anti-limescale filter and carbon block 10 mcr water softening chlorine 3/8" inch


To get your tap water in perfect drinking water Often all that is needed is an activated carbon block.

Since tap water is well controlled but treated with chlorine to prevent germs, in many cases it is completely sufficient to use an activated carbon filter to remove the chlorine and organic pollutants. In the form of an activated carbon block, you also have the security that all solids in the water up to a size of 10 µm are filtered.

When it comes to water filters, it's not just about effectiveness but also about functionality and design. That's why we have further developed our best-selling and most popular CB filter and made it even better.

The PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set is an attractive, easy-to-install filter, equipped with two large quick-change cartridges for the purest drinking water. Changing the filter is extremely easy, so every six months Filter change in future only seconds last.

The PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set can be easily integrated into an existing pipe network using 3/8" inch connections.

Included with each PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale sets There is also the connection material for an installation with a separate outlet for the filtered water.
This means the filter can either be connected to an existing 3-way faucet or connected to a new 1-way or multi-way faucet.

The BC filter cartridges of the PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set are made of pressed activated carbon and filter these pollutants from the drinking water:
- Chlorine
- Pesticides
- Impaired taste
- Odor impairment and fine particles
- Insecticides
- Solvent
- Lime flakes
- organic pollutants
- The filter also removes oils and aromas

Lifespan: approx. 6 months (depending on water quality and flow rate).

The filter cleans the water to a crystal clear 10 microns.

The AR anti-limescale filter cartridges of the PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set contains one Filtration medium (fine-grained ion-exchanging granules) , which exchanges calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions.

The cartridge is for them Treatment of cold drinking and industrial water determined, equipped with a final filtration stage that prevents the filtration granules from escaping.

The cartridge should not be used with microbiologically contaminated water or with water of unknown origin.

Lifespan: approx. 6 months or 2,000 l (depending on water quality and flow rate) with medium water hardness up to max. 14 dH!

Scope of delivery:

- PUR Smart filter head including 2 filter cartridges BC and AR
- 3-way fitting 3/8" + ball valve
- Hose
- JG hose adapter 3/8" thread to 1/4" hose
- Wall bracket including mounting screws

Filter dimensions without wall bracket and adapter:
Height: 295mm
Diameter: 85mm

Maximum temperature: 45 C

Recommended flow rate: 2-4L/min

You will receive a PUR Smart DUO anti-limescale set with 2 cartridges, 1 replacement filter set (2 cartridges) including accessories packed in a box.