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QA 20 LM SX Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge Demineralization Filter 20" Inch

Contains strongly cationic and strongly anionic exchange resin for demineralization to produce ultrapure water.

The filter cartridge is made of non-toxic materials and is therefore suitable for producing drinking water.

When used as a drinking water filter, we recommend installing an activated carbon filter afterwards.

e.g. PCB 10 SX Item No. 4260303250106

Mixed bed resin cartridge for demineralization.

The filter can be used for:

Demineralization of water for laboratories, cleaning of windows and other glass surfaces, cleaning of winter gardens, cleaning of facades, cleaning of boats and yachts, cleaning of motor vehicles.

Or for water production for filling car batteries, irons, underfloor heating, cleaning machines, solar vacuum tube collectors etc.

Water filter cartridge suitable for all standard 20" inch filter housings.

20 inch filter dimensions:

Length: 510mm
Width: 70mm
Head opening: 28mm

Maximum temperature: 45 degrees Celsius

Storage time: approx. 6 months

Flow rate approx. 40 l/h.

Lifespan: up to 6 months, depending on water quality and flow rate. The color of the cartridge changes when channels have formed in the resin and the water no longer flows through the filter medium.

You will receive a filter packed in a box.